Co-occurring Substance Use Disorder

A substance use disorder is when someone has a set of symptoms related to the problematic use of drugs and alcohol. Continued use can disrupt one’s thoughts, behaviors, and overall physical well-being. Because the desire to continue using drugs and alcohol is strong, a person may compromise values and morals and sacrifice primary relationships. Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol can change brain circuits and can negatively impact how a person thinks and feels.

Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health
More than 50% of individuals with an addiction to drugs or alcohol also have a mental health disorder. Continued substance abuse will worsen mental health symptoms, and many times, people use substances to help distract from the discomfort of mental health symptoms. Others are predisposed to the development of mental health disorders that may be triggered by drug or alcohol addiction.

co-occurring substance use disorder

Symptoms of Substance Use Disorder

If there are clear indications that you or your loved one may be suffering from a substance use disorder, it’s best to review your observations with a professional and decide if addiction treatment is needed. Below are some of the common indicators that someone may be suffering from a substance use disorder:

How We Treat Co-occurring Substance Use Disorder

Successfully treating substance abuse and addiction requires an appropriate the exploration of the issues that led to substance abuse. It also requires the client to address the symptoms and root causes of any co-occurring mental health disorder.

Our treatment environment is firmly rooted in our Social Integration Model™, which aims to encourage positive social functioning. Our individualized treatment plans are customized based on client’s individual needs; no two treatment plans are the same. We aim to assist in relieving the stress that comes from assimilating back into everyday life and help our clients achieve the highest levels of functioning and independence once they leave treatment. Our treatment for co-occurring substance use disorder includes:

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