Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, each client works one-on-one with a trained therapist to gain insight and increase awareness and control over their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The therapist provides a safe and confidential environment where clients can explore and process their beliefs and experiences that may be causing challenges in their relationships and other areas of life. The therapist also helps each client identify specific goals for treatment and provides support and feedback during each session. Individual therapy may be short-term or long-term depending on the needs and goals of each client.
Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Components

Typically, a client will meet with the individual therapist the first time to complete an intake assessment. During this assessment, the therapist will interview the client to obtain a detailed biopsychosocial history. This evaluation provides the therapist with information to help formulate a diagnostic impression and begin the treatment planning process with the client. Sometimes more than one session will be required to complete this assessment. Once the assessment is complete and a treatment plan has been developed, the client and therapist will determine the frequency of sessions to occur.

In subsequent individual therapy sessions, clients begin to work on the goals established in their individualized treatment plans. Therapists may use a variety of interventions and treatment modalities when working with different clients. Sometimes homework will be given between sessions to help reinforce certain therapeutic concepts and help clients progress toward their goals. The therapist may also provide recommendations for other types of support or treatment, such as medication management or support group attendance to supplement the work being done in individual therapy. The goal of individual therapy is to promote cognitive and behavioral changes to improve overall functioning and wellbeing.

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