Outpatient Network

Providing individualized, evidence-based mental health and eating disorder outpatient treatment for adults and adolescents to ensure long-term recovery.

Outpatient Network

Providing individualized, evidence-based mental health and eating disorder outpatient treatment for adults and adolescents to ensure long-term recovery.
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About the Odyssey Outpatient Network

Built on a family of clinically excellent and accredited
outpatient facilities across the U.S., the Odyssey Outpatient Network offers a full continuum of care including intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) as well as partial hospitalization programs (PHPs).

Treating a variety of different behavioral and mental health disorders as well as eating disorders for all genders (ages vary by facility), each of our facilities has its own unique clinical strengths.

If a higher level of care is needed, our Psychiatric and Eating Disorder Networks offer a wide range of residential treatment options. With a robust network of facilities to choose from, finding the best care has never been easier.

Odyssey’s experienced clinicians provide multidisciplinary evidence-based, holistic treatment utilizing medical, nutritional, psychological, and psychiatric interventions as appropriate. Each client receives a customized treatment plan that can include group-based therapy, individual psychotherapy, family sessions, and medication management. Additionally, Odyssey’s clinical teams collaborate with community providers that serve as an extension of each client’s treatment team.

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What We Treat and How

The lists of behavioral health conditions and eating disorders that we treat at our facilities, as well as the therapies listed, aren’t comprehensive. Details specific to each facility are provided on each facility’s page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outpatient treatment consists of different types of programs in which clients visit a treatment facility or counselor daily or on certain days of the week. Outpatient programs differ in intensity, from one session a week to several sessions a day, five days a week.
The Odyssey Outpatient Network facilities treat a variety of behavioral and mental health disorders for all genders (ages vary by facility), including eating disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, co-occurring substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health disorders and more.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
Our PHP is the most comprehensive outpatient program available. It helps prevent hospitalization, as well as provides a solid bridge for those stepping down from hospitalizations or residential treatment programs. PHP offers the most intensive treatment to help prevent hospitalization or the need for other services that may disrupt the client’s ability to remain close to family and other supports.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
Our IOP provides a step-down level of care from PHP, can be a direct step into care from the community, and can provide additional support to traditional outpatient services. It’s designed to help individuals who are either experiencing an increase in distressing symptoms and behaviors or for those who aren’t progressing in traditional outpatient services. The comprehensive programming and added support foster meaningful improvement and create a solid foundation for those transitioning to community providers.

Odyssey Outpatient facilities offer PHP and IOP levels of care as well as virtual care, when appropriate.

The Odyssey Outpatient facilities offer a variety of payment options including in-network and out-of-network insurance as well as private pay rates. Please refer to the specific facility page, listed on our Locations Page, for the list of in-network insurance providers.