Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders

We understand that many individuals who are struggling with an eating disorder also struggle with a mental health diagnosis. We address co-occurring mental health disorders using specialized goal plans, ensuring the diagnosis is considered in the therapy and healing process. Common co-occurring or dual diagnosis mental health conditions that we treat include:

co-occurring mental health disorders

How We Treat Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders

Through individual therapy as well as group therapy, we help individuals identify new ways to cope. We also help clients challenge cognitive distortions that have prevented them from realizing their value. In addition, we help clients process experiences that may have negatively contributed to the way they view the world and themselves. Lastly, we help clients manage any neurochemical imbalances using psychiatric medication if desired.

Family therapy is also a part of treatment, as we believe it’s vital for each woman to have a healthy support system. We understand that clients define family in many ways, so we work collaboratively with each client to identify who is part of their support system.

Additionally, we understand the importance of what we put into our bodies and how it has a direct impact on our physical and emotional health, so each client meets with a dietician who provides help and support with meal planning.

To learn more about our co-occurring mental health disorder treatment program, check out our Locations Page to find the location closest to you.