Music Therapy

Music therapy is a type of expressive arts therapy that uses music as a therapeutic tool to help individuals improve their psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing. Music therapy is an evidence-based treatment that’s facilitated by a credentialed therapist who’s completed specialized clinical training in this therapy. Music is used as an intervention to encourage improvement in a client’s mood, attention, and communication skills. It’s used as an effective treatment for many mental health conditions.

We primarily utilize music therapy in a group setting. Our music therapy groups are facilitated by board-certified music therapists who are experienced in providing services in behavioral healthcare settings. These experiential groups enhance the sense of community among our clients and provide a creative outlet for expression.

Music Therapy Components

There are a variety of approaches used in music therapy. The music therapist may use singing, songwriting, lyric analysis, music making, or other interventions to help a client work toward their treatment goals through the language of music. The music therapist may also lead clients through guided imagery exercises or discussions elicited from music listening exercises. These musical experiences incorporate the mind and body to help alter a client’s mood and regulate brain activity that’s connected to emotional processing. No musical talent or experience is necessary to participate in and benefit from music therapy.

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